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Black Sea Twilight par Domnica Radulescu (epub|pdf)

Black Sea Twilight par Domnica Radulescu
TitreBlack Sea Twilight
AuteurDomnica Radulescu
Note moyenne4 (sur 1 notes)
Étiquettes Tragédie, Suspense, Police, Innocence, Traditions, Drame, Dictature, Révolution, Amour, Roumanie,

1980s Romania: As the sun sets on the magical shore of the Black Sea and casts its last rays across the water, all Nora Teodoru can think about is pursuing her dream of becoming an accomplished artist - and of her love for Gigi, her childhood boyfriend from the Turkish part of town. But story clouds are gathering as life under Dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu becomes increasingly unbearable. His secret police are circling, never far from the young coupl...